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Wind Power an Alternative Energy Source Free essay! Download now

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Wind Power an Alternative Energy Source

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Wind Power an Alternative Energy Source essay previewWind Power an Alternative Energy Source essay previewWind Power an Alternative Energy Source essay preview


the pros and cons of windmills


Wind Power an Alternative Energy Source

I Wyoming County they have different type of fuel they are trying to farm, wind. On hills in this little part of our country there are 10 windmills that the town expect to produce enough electricity in 1 year to provide power for 1700 homes in that year. Wind power was developed as a major alternative energy source during the 70’s. Due to the realization of us as humans depleting the earth’s natural and irreplaceable natural resources, this realization has driven and huge interest in finding alternative energy sources. The technology is the fastest growing alternative energy resource in the world.
The wind turbine, which is also called the windmill, is a structure that captures the kinetic energy of the wind and then converting the energy collected into electricity. The windmill has turning blades called airfoils which turn when the wind blows, which then turns a shaft, which drives or turns a motor which connected to a generator. Then the electricity is then supplied to an area that includes business, homes, factories, etc…. It is predicted that by the year 2020 10% of the worldwide energy supply will be produced by wind energy, with Europe producing more than 100,000 MW.
Europe, presently, is far more advanced than the US in development and the implementation or wind energy. Nasa is using the largest most expensive wind tunnel created to test a huge , high tech wind turbine which was developed by National Renew able Energy Laboratory in Gold, Colorado. The results of these tests could have major potential abilities in terms of ways finding new, safe and reliable energy resources.
In the beginning I thought that having an alternative energy source like wind power would significantly impact the world as we know it. The natural resources, coal and oil, of the Earth are being consumed at such a far greater rate than the rate they are being replenished. Coal and oil take thousands upon thousands of years possibly millions of years to replenish naturally and if the Earth’s population continue to the use the resources at the rate it is being used today, future generations may have many more problems than just high gas prices, they may not be able to have the resources to maintain the habit of oil dependency. If we don’t create and implement the technology now they may have problems producing the energy they need. ...

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