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Making sense of data - Solar Cells Free essay! Download now

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Making sense of data - Solar Cells

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This piece is an data analysis piece of coursework achieving a High A at A2-Level. The aim was to make sense of a large amount of data from a solar cell based of changing variables such as Light, distance etc and draw conclusions. Clear and accurate evaluation included.


The circuit is reproduced in a dark room, with an artificial light source placed pointing at the solar cell, a light sensor is also present to measure the light energy that the solar cell receives. The amount of light energy can then be varied by changing the distance of the light source.
The circuit is then able to produce an output of the Potential Difference and Current with the light at varying intensities. The Light intensity can then remain constant and the resistance of the circuit can be changed.

Method of data collection
1. The distance of the artificial light source was varied in 0.3 m intervals, each time the light intensity reading recorded.
2. At each interval of 0.3 m the light source remained fixed so that the resistance of the circuit via the variable resistor could be varied. The reading for Current, Potential Difference, Distance, and Light Intensity were then recorded in a chart.
3. The experiment was the then repeated for values of distance from 0 m to 1.8m to give 2 readings for every value.
I have therefore isolated the light intensity values for each interval of 0.3 m, and then did the same for the repeated experiment to ensure that I secured the most accurate result.

I would predict that as the distance from the light sensor increased, the light intensity would then reduce.

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