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GPE on a marble Free essay! Download now

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GPE on a marble

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This coursework describes how a marble is rolled down a ramp from different heights then how the distance it travels is measured.


In this experiment I plan to investigate the effect of the height from which a ball is rolled down a ramp on the distance it travels on leaving the ramp.

To do this I will conduct an experiment in which I roll a ball down a ramp from different heights and measure the distance it travels.

This experiment investigates Gravitational Potential Energy and how it is converted into Kinetic Energy. The equation for Gravitational Potential Energy is:
GPE = mgh

where m is the mass of the object in kilograms, g is the gravitational field strength acting on the object in Newtons per kilogram (on Earth this is about 10N) and h is the height in metres by which the object has changed,

My plan for how to carry out the experiment is as follows:

1. Set up the equipment as shown
in this diagram.

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