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Nutritional Analysis Free essay! Download now

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Nutritional Analysis

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Nutritional Analysis essay previewNutritional Analysis essay previewNutritional Analysis essay preview


A summary of nutrition facts based off of my own diet



When looking at the Dietary Guidelines Recommendations I can see that I excel in obtaining beyond the recommended amount of grains. My nutrition includes far over the amount of grains that should be included in my daily eating habits. On average I more than double my recommended grain intake. When looking at the Dietary Guidelines Recommendations I can see that I include a great amount of milk in my diet, which ended up out weighing the daily recommended amount by far. The more milk in my diet means the more calcium in my body.

My average starting with my total calorie intake was 4,400. This is well above my recommended intake of 2,848 calories and I am personally not worried about my calorie intake because I know how active a person I am and need extra carbohydrates in my diet for higher levels of food energy. My average fiber intake over the three days was 22 grams and was under the recommended 38 grams. I know I need to eat more fiber but I just stay away from it because it usually gives me an upset stomach. I was very happy that my average intake of cholesterol for the three days was 181 grams and that is right where it needs to be. For Vitamin A my average was 1,300 grams which is over the recommended 900 grams. Vitamin C intake average was 281 grams which is well over the recommended 75 grams. I donít see taking in too many vitamins as a bad thing because whatever your body doesnít use, it will just get rid of. My average folate intake was 702 grams which is above the recommended 400 grams. Folate isnít bad for me because itís a form of a water-soluble B vitamin. Calcium average intake over the three days was 1,940 grams which is over the recommended 1,300 grams. Once again I believe you canít have too much calcium in your body. My iron intake average was 27 grams compared to the recommended 11 grams. I would have never thought I ate that much iron until I actually took the average. My average sodium intake was 5,898 grams. This is well over the maximum recommendation of 2,300 grams. I am usually looking out for sodium in my diet but I found on the second day my sodium intake was off the charts and that made my average go sky high.

Type % Total

Carbohydrates 61.2%
Saturated Fat 10.2%
Total Fat 28.8%
Protein 12%

Type % Total

Carbohydrates 72.6%
Saturated Fat 12.5%
Total Fat 24.5%
Protein 14.9%

Type % Total

Carbohydrates 59.2%
Saturated Fat 12.1%
Total Fat 35%
Protein 17.1%

SMART Goal for nutrition

My goal is to reduce total fat calories, down to an estimated 21% of foods eaten, ...

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