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We are connected to everything in our world Free essay! Download now

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We are connected to everything in our world

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We are connected to everything in our world essay previewWe are connected to everything in our world essay previewWe are connected to everything in our world essay preview


We are connected to everything in our world


Our world supports an amazing number of different environments such as mountains, hot deserts, freezing arctic etc. Different species of animals and plant have found to live in different environments. (Dalgleish.2002.page4, 6)
Mountains are pieces of earth that rise above the surrounding land. Mountains are home to plants and animals that are specially adapted to conditions over there.(Edward, 2009, page 4, 13).
An Abiotic factor that affect mountain organism is high ultraviolet radiation levels. At lower levels the atmosphere blocks out much of this harmful radiation. However in high altitude UV radiation is a very relevant hazard. (Snedden.R, 2005, page 8). Cold condition is another abiotic factor influencing animals in the area. The animals have to cope with extreme temperatures and harsh climatic conditions. Not only the temperature drop at high altitudes but the air also gets thinner. Meaning, there is less oxygen available to breathe. (Snedden.R, 2005, page 8). Mountains also have rough rocky terrain difficult to scale and climb, making movement limited and difficult if not for apt adaptations.
Biotic factors to particular organisms include the presence of predators which hunt them. Predators which can be found in mountain environments include black bear, red fox, etc. The availability of food is another biotic factor. A large number of organisms feed on alpine vegetation such as grasses .Higher mountain tops often have very little vegetation with large number of consumers relying on producers (plants) as a food source. The availability of prey is an important biotic factor in mountain area. Animals such as red fox rely on the availability of the other consumers to maintain their diet supply.

Behavioural adaptation is the modification of behavioural patterns of an organism. Grizzly bear who migrate downwards towards the lower and warmer slopes escape from the harsh winter conditions. Moving down the slopes in winter allows for the organism to, in a sense “escape” the harshest conditions, helping ensure their survival. Physiological adaptation is the adaptation within the cells or tissues of an organism. Animals have to cope with lower amounts of atmospheric oxygen as air gets “thinner” with increase in altitude.RBC (almost 3 times)in yak contain haemoglobin a respiratory pigment which increases greatly the oxygen carrying capacity of blood. This allows yak to cope with reduced oxygen levels. Structural adaptation is the adaptation in the construction of an organism. The yak is adapted to overcome harmful UV radiation. The yak has a darkly coloured coat, as a black pigment absorbs the harmful UV rays. This prevents the damage to the animal’s skin.
A region is arid when it is characterised by a several lack of available water. Environments subjects to arid tend to lack vegetation and are called desertic. (Smith J.2010.mountain
Dry soil ...

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