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Have you ever wondered where things come from or how they appeared? Free essay! Download now

Home > GCSE > Philosophy > Have you ever wondered where things come from or how they appeared?

Have you ever wondered where things come from or how they appeared?

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Have you ever wondered where things come from or how they appeared? In this high-spaced world, we as humans live, there are many such questions for which we have no answers. By using the different areas of knowledge; history, natural science, human science, ethics and math, one is able to justify these questions. Though all the areas of knowledge are useful in determining the truths of the world, math is more compelling than any other.


In the area of art, knowledge can be justified by the viewing of objects, such as paintings, papers, sculpture and more. Although this is a valid way of receiving knowledge, this too has its limitations. A blind person, unlike one who can see, would not be able to view the art and the way the artist intended it to be did not give the viewer the full appreciation of the masterpiece. These are just some of the ways one could be hindered by trying to display knowledge through art.

In history, a person can learn about knowledge, because it has been recorded for future generations. Though it is good for one to see the artifacts and history of the past, we often find out that us as humans have transformed the history ourselves by perceiving things differently. Even when one is looking at facts on display, different people can see the same fact in a different manner. An example taken from today will be a news reporter reporting the news. While numerous reporters from various stations would be reporting the same news, they would each have diverse stories according to their point of view. The same principle applies in both cases, though it may be the same object people view images differently. The different perceptions that are viewed down through the years are a problem when viewing history as a subject. This happens because you do not know which view to believe; even if they are reporting or recording the same events. This will ultimately create different content and pictures, so it clouds the mind of the future reader.

Natural sciences and knowledge are partners in the aspect that in human sciences, one must do a chain of experiments is called the research method. In the research method there is a hypothesis, analysis, research, data and conclusion. It is the same knowledge; one must do experiments and try numerous things before the final product is shown. But one thing that comes from doing experiments and testing the validity is that nothing is certain. So if none of your information is certain, how can you base your foundation for knowledge on something that is not solid itself? Once you have your experiment finished and you can prove or disprove your hypothesis, you now have a foundation in which to base your knowledge claims upon. This will soon become your source for the validity of your claims.

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