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Truth and Consequences - Keith Olbermann Free essay! Download now

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Truth and Consequences - Keith Olbermann

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This essay is about the truth and consequences that we face in life


Review of Truth and Consequences by Keith Olbermann
MSNBC host Keith Olbermann became one of the highly recognized critics of the George W . Bush administration in just a span of two years. This particular book explicates how and why Olbermannís unusual broadcasted comments began and then reprinted them ranging from issues as of September 2005 through July 2007, with additional post comment clarification . Before becoming a Bush administration critic, he was more popularly known assorts commentator for ESPN. The origin of Olbermann as an opinionated celebrity makes it complex to conclude if he ought to be measured as a fact-based journalist but however he should be labeled journalistically , the commentaries unruffled in his book clearly demonstrates that he is a first-rate writer fearless of expressing disparagements of most Republican decision-makers and , on some extent and occasions , even Democrats . Beforehand, he already had a notion that supporters and defenders from the Bush administration would label his particular comments unpatriotic Olbermann was determined to wear this brand as a badge of honor and make influential arguments that would make him as an upholder of conventional American standards, while obviously stating that Bush and his contemporaries are the transgressors
Keith Olbermannís segment on his show is short, quick, and oftentimes shocking and because of such, it became one of the fastest-growing and most sought after news show on television. In his segments, Olbermann identifies the perpetrators of negligence, violence, cronyism, and the inexcusable lack of responsibility at the maximum levels of the Bush government. By doing so, he was able to go where most of the mainstream media dreaded to tread
Olbermann collected and compiled the very best of his Special Comments on his book, Truth and Consequences. Furthermore, he also presented it with supplementary explanations and some other materials. Whether he is taking the duty to negotiate with the likes of Vice President Dick Cheney Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, he never fails to extract something from them . Olbermann acts as a judge alongside the critics of the Iraq War to Nazi appeasers moreover, he frequently gives his fervent standpoints on why maltreatment is un-American manner and what it really means to support the American troops. He also asks the timorous lawmakers who fall short to harness in presidential overstretch and those who abuse their executive authority. With all these abilities Olbermann 's is almost always overwhelmingly blunt and viciously funny but more important than that , his annotations always cut to the core of the dishonesty and sarcasm of an administration that has lost the capability to differentiate between leading the nation and ruling it
With his razor-sharp polemic and frankness, Keith Olbermann naturally earned himself many critics ...

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