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Jaws - How Does Spielberg Create Tension? Free essay! Download now

Home > GCSE > Media studies > Jaws - How Does Spielberg Create Tension?

Jaws - How Does Spielberg Create Tension?

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Jaws - How Does Spielberg Create Tension?


When evaluating the novel by Stephen Spelberg.Spelberg uses different structures. The film jaw is known for its breathtaking soundtracker, which plays the main part in building up the tension and fear. The film jaws start of underneath to let you know both the setting and what type of thriller it use. You can also hear the sound of the ocean to give you the underwater feeling and a type of shot that makes you feel as if you were the shark swimming around hunting for food. In the music sequence whenever the shark is near or attacking it has it the theme tune which is made to build tension because when you hear that music you just know it’s the shark and that something is obviously going to happen. At some parts of the movie it does trick you by playing the music but nothing really exiting is going to happens. The movie starts at the first scene where teenagers are having a fun time and having a bonfire night at the beach playing some music. They are safe and nothing is going to harm them in anyway. It shows that the tension has gone away and that the shark is not present. Then two teenagers decide to run off and the sound of happiness start to fade away and the theme of music fade away in. Only the girl enters the water and the music is very quiet, slow and gradually increase in pace and this suggest

Paragraph 1:
The Film Jaws is directed by Stevenson Spielberg. The Film Jaws is a thriller/horror with the main aim being to build up Fear and tension. The opening scene begins with loads of teenagers on the beach, talking and singing. Most are sat on the in a circle around a fire for security and warmth, whilst other teenage of the island form circles of security of their own. A man and women run off the circle they had formed with other people. Then two teenagers decide to run off and the sound of happiness starts to fade away and the theme music of the film starts to fade in. The women quickly ran in to the sea, expecting the man to run after her, but he waited for her on the shore. He waits for a white and there were no sign of her. This creates a dramatic tension because we just know something bad is going to happen he s just left her.
As the man worries, the woman is swimming happily in the sea, before she feels a violent tug at her leg. She begin to scream, this scene create fear and tension to the audience because of the distance. She is from shore, nobody can hear her.
The camera view show thing from the view of the shark, as it brutally rips apart the boby of the girl. She dies. The Franctic music plays at the time of the attack, whilst the shark violently tears the girl into piece and symbolise the seriousness of the scene and the scene and the tension. The colour of the water are shown as it turn from blue to red because of the amount of the blood pouring from the girl being eat by the shark. The Red connects danger and death all through the film. This helps us know when it s coming.
The director builds up fear for the shark by making the music seem sly and dangerous sounding and making it seem like the kind of music you would expect from a murder film. He also builds tension by showing all the attacks in detail and comes quite at a distance so you can see just what actually happens to the victims as if you were watching from the beach. He also shows the fear in the audience.

Paragraph 2:
After the first attack, there is a quick built up toward the second attack. The director of the novel-seems to be doing this deliberately, to intensify the effect of the unknown danger still lurking and moving in the water. These dangers are unknown because the shark has not been clearly seen yet, and also the people who were on the beach are also still unaware.

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