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ICT coursework evaluation Free essay! Download now

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ICT coursework evaluation

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ICT coursework evaluation essay previewICT coursework evaluation essay previewICT coursework evaluation essay preview


help for filling out the evaluation for a website


Evaluation Writing Frame
Purpose & Audience
The purpose of my website is to increase the amount of products that are sold. It can be used by anyone from young people and elderly people. This is because the website offers free delivery for everyone so that they can have access to our shop. The website is designed for any one of any age or ability. I have managed to do this by not overcrowding the images or text. The banner is clear and easy to read.

The content of my website is relevant to the target audience. I have included photos so that all ages can identify what they are.

Comments Here
The website is easy to read because the text is large and is in the same text. There is one page on the website that is in capital letters to make deals stand out. The sentences are roughly the same length.

I have made the website so it has quick navigation from each page and they are all connected to link to the home page. I have tested my webpage for the time it takes to navigate and it takes approximately 3 seconds. The images are different on every page and the text is the same.
The first bar of the navigation bar is the home page. It is the same on every page and is easy to find.

Your Strengths and Weaknesses
I found it very easy to make a simple website. This could be because I like graphical programs. I changed the design slightly on the way through making my website. During this project I managed to keep to deadlines so kept on top of my website. This allowed me to be able to add to my website and make it better. The website was easy to make as I planned it before which helped me to make my website more professional.

Before I had started using Dreamweaver I did not know how to use the program so it took some time to get used to it. The website was hard to plan as we had to draw the template before making it in Dreamweaver. I have tried to add in hyperlinks but found them hard and they didnít work. This could be because I did not understand how to do them, but after a few tries I managed to add in 3 different hyperlinks. I feel that I could improve my website so it is more detailed.

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