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Emperorís New Groove Free essay! Download now

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Emperorís New Groove

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Emperorís New Groove movie


The Movie Emperorís New Groove is a comedy-type animated film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation and was released in December, 2000. The main characters in this movie are Emperor Kuzco, Pacha and Yzma. Kuzco is the young emperor of Inca nation. He is a self-centered person and likes to make joy of otherís trouble. He always thinks that all the events and people must follow his will until he is almost killed by his ex-administrator, Yzma. Yzma is sorceress who obsessed with power and revengeful. On the other hand, Pacha, a kind-hearted village man, who keeps on helping Kuzco and always endures with the bad attitudes of Kuzco after he has turned into a llama.
Kuzcoís birthday is around the corner and he wants an enormous summer house with slide and swimming pool at the site of Pachaís home. Pacha is summoned to be informed about this. Pacha tries to convince Emperor Kuzco to change his mind because Pacha and his family do not wish to lose their home sweet home. Nevertheless, Kuzco is so stubborn and thinks that his birthdayís present must be completed by his birthday. As a result, Pacha is so sad and disappointed. Pacha is in dilemma as he does not want his family know the truth as he know it will disappoint them too. Pacha needs to pretend as nothing happen.
Kuzco is so self-righteous and fired his advisor, Yzma of her duty by giving the reason that she is too old to accomplish her job. Kuzcoís decision makes Yzma hit the roof and almost go mad. She vents her anger by whacking the of Kuzco. However, she is still not satisfied and plans to kill Kuzco in order to seize the power away from the Emperor Kuzco and take over the throne. She invites Emperor Kuzco to a dinner in her house, followed by the poisoning of Kuzco by Kronk, Yzmaís assistant. Fortunately, there is a mistake with the poison which eventually turns Kuzco from a young man into a talking llama. Then, Yzma orders Kronk to kill unconscious Kuzco, but Kronk is not bear to kill an innocent man instead he loses the sack containing Kuzco which actually left on the bullock of Pacha.

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