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World War 1 - reactions to war Free essay! Download now

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World War 1 - reactions to war

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World War 1 - reactions to war


At the star of World War 1 in 1914 recruitment was very popular, men would willingly volunteer. They saw it as a sign of proudness and honour to serve for their country; if they went to war then family and friends in his local village would see him as a hero. Men would go to war to protect their love ones and villages/community. They would go to their local village hall and put there name down and wait to be called. Sources A1 (i) and A1 (ii) showing knowledge of this. I also know that the British were very excited about the war. The government were very biased and only showed their point of view shown in the poster of Lord Kitchener. Lord Kitchener is the main idea; he is the focus of the picture; bold words, and his finger pointing directly into the audiences face, shows encouragement and persuasion with many men at the recruitment centre. This source is useful to us as we can see from the next source the poster was successful as we can see many men lined up in hundred waiting to sign up and be brave for their country.

To continue an extract spoken by David Lloyd George, speaking to a London Welsh audience in September 1914. The source is very useful as it tells me Welsh men were not fighting in 1914. Also David Lloyd is Welsh himself. The welsh did not want to fight this was because they did not see them selves involved; they had no problem with the Germans, and we not part of our country. The English government had told him to make a speech to persuade the Welsh men to go to war. However it does have limitations, it does not inform me if his speech was actually successful. If it was successful then more welsh men would have gone to war and listened to a man of their country. David Lloyd George tried to persuade the Welsh. We don’t see how much impact it had on them. Further more source A3 is linked with A2 as it proves to me that his speech was successful. It is an autobiography from Robert graves. This source is reliable as it has been taken form an actual book.


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