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who killed thomas becket? Free essay! Download now

Home > GCSE > History > who killed thomas becket?

who killed thomas becket?

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who killed thomas becket? essay previewwho killed thomas becket? essay previewwho killed thomas becket? essay preview


about who killed thomas becket


Who killed Thomas Becket?

The title of this piece of homework is ‘Who killed Thomas Becket?’ and the answer to that is quite simple to anyone that knows the story. The simple answer would be the knights, because really they killed or assassinated Thomas Becket. But this homework goes deeper than that, it doesn’t plainly say the knights killed Thomas Becket. It says much, much more...
The story started when...
King Henry II and Thomas Becket were friends. Actually they were more than friends, they were best friends. Then one day King Henry II really wanted to be able to control the church more than anything, but the pope wouldn’t let him. So he thought of an evil plan, with Becket, to get him into the church. He had a brilliant idea and started off with letting his friend be one of the main people in the church. In 1162 he turned Thomas Becket into the Archbishop of Canterbury. Soon after Becket was made Archbishop Henry II tried to start the plan that they had agreed on before. But Thomas wouldn’t do it. He said he didn’t feel right doing it. He wouldn’t! Thomas Becket had turned holy; he even started dressing like a holy person. And he did not feel right doing it; it would have been like betraying God.
This got Thomas Becket angry, as it would to anyone who had put time and effort into hatching a plan and then your friend not even playing along, so King Henry II had to do something. He choose to gossip.
This is one of the most important parts of this story...
King Henry II was gossiping, gossiping to someone in public. This could have been in his castle, in his land or just somewhere where he and his knights could go. But he was gossiping he was upset about Thomas, so what else to do apart from gossip about him. ‘Someone needs to put a stop to him!’ Just as he said that some knights were passing by and heard what the King said, and they must have thought, oh I know! I can put a stop to it. After lots of thinking what they should do they went to Canterbury cathedral banged on the door, which was being closed by the monks, but Thomas asked to see them and the knights asked him to let some people back into the church. He said ‘Only if they will listen to me’ then they went in and murdered Thomas Becket cutting his head open so his brains scattered.
So that’s why the easy answer would’ve been, the knights, but in a way it was King Henry. If King Henry hadn’t said anything the ...

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