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The roman public health system Free essay! Download now

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The roman public health system

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this is a essay on the features of the roman public health system


The Romans were the first civilisation to introduce a public health system!!
Fresh Water!
A total of nine Aqueducts were built to provide fresh water into Rome.

The bath house was the place to bathe, socialise and talk about business.

Waste Disposal!
A network of sewers took waste out of the city to the river Tiber.

The nine aqueducts brought 222 million gallons of water a day into the city. They also built many great aqueducts throughout their empire. In Rome, special commissioners monitored cleanliness and a fair supply.
Rome had nine public baths. Many of them were luxurious, 'covered with mirrors buried in glass lined with marble and silver'. For a fee of one sixteenth of a denarius bathers went from the hot 'caldarium' to the lukewarm 'tepidarium' and then dipped in the cold 'frigidarium'. Many baths had gymnasia and massage rooms attached.
Rome had seven sewers flushed by streams, and public latrines. There was a force of 300 slaves who cleaned the streets and latrines at night while people were asleep.

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