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The factors behind the fall of the Manchu dynasty in 1912 Free essay! Download now

Home > GCSE > History > The factors behind the fall of the Manchu dynasty in 1912

The factors behind the fall of the Manchu dynasty in 1912

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Chinese History essay - The main factors that led to the fall of the Manchu dynasty and the establishment of a republic in 1912


The Manchu dynasty, also known as the Qing dynasty, was the era of China from 1644 – 1911 AD. A Chinese republic was formed in 1912, ending the dynasty and over two thousand years of the imperial system in China. Although the fall of the Manchu dynasty had many factors, it was inevitable that China would one day discard the imperial system. However, many important factors sped up this unavoidable move to the republican system.

The Chinese imperial system worked on the rule that the emperor was in charge of ‘all under heaven’. Thus Chinese people saw themselves in an empire without boundary, and felt that their emperor was ruler of the entire world. This caused many problems with relations to other countries, as they all had their own governments and hierarchy. The eighteenth century saw the British Empire rapidly expand, and create colonies in the nearby countries of India and Indonesia. The British also moved into sea trade, and attempted to establish good relations with China by sending a fleet of ships containing gifts for the emperor. However, the British government received a letter saying that China was unimpressed by their gifts and art. The British government was very offended, and made no further attempt to establish good relations with the Manchu Dynasty. In the early nineteenth century, European merchants began to see vast opportunities in trade with the large Chinese population. Trade increased between the two empires, but this only succeeded in creating more hostility between governments.

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