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Renaissance essay Free essay! Download now

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Renaissance essay

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300 word essay on the renaissance era



The renaissance originally started in Italy after the great plagued hit Europe. The definition means rebirth of Europe mainly Italy. This rebirth help jump start political enhancement,also change the styles in writing ,arts and other enhancements. In the renaissance the time before this was controlled by war and plagued. Those who survived wanted to celebrate life. Merchants was in the lead of this rebirth they dominated politics. Since the 1200`s the city of Florence was a republican based government the leader of this was Cosimo de Medici who also was the wealthiest of his time. When he died his family continued to ruled he died in 1469. In the develop in the arts they study ancient texts to study achievements of mankind. We still do that today in present time like the Genius book of world records. Humanism the study of humans was develop in the renaissance era. In this study of humans it help people to love them selfs and there wealth by showing it off. Still they believe in devout Catholics and still today. Renaissance writers introduced that all educated people should be great art Creators know as renaissance men and women. Baldassare Castiglione Wrote a book for men how to become a renaissance man. How to be charming,witty and educated and be a good dancer etc. As for renaissance women they also needed to be charming. A women like Isabella D`Este she was born into wealth she married a ruler of another city-state of Mantua .She was skilled in politics like when her husband was taken captive in war, she defended Mantua and won the release of her husband. In further development of the art painters they started painting realistic artifacts 3-dimension objects and people. The first form of a printer was founded in 1452 Johann Gutenberg that could make 500 books in 5 months. Better then writing a book 500 times when it took 5 months to write one. There was a game based on this era with real peoples assassinations called Assassins creed 1,2,3 and soon 4 based on the renaissance era. And one thing that affect us today is the fear of another great plagued no plagued has ever hit north America. This all taught us how to be proud,wealthy,and advancements in the arts.

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