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Napoleon Debate- Side Defence Free essay! Download now

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Napoleon Debate- Side Defence

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Napoleon Debate- Side Defence


Under Napoleon’s reign France got the bank of France. Let me remind you all what a radical change this has brought to our economy. It was evident that France was in a great debt and Napoleon has made great effort at fixing this issue. Under the Bank of France businessmen (such as myself) are given low interest loans to start our own business to stimulate the currency in the economy. Moreover new industries are promoted by grant money and tax rebates. He has made the franc the most stable currency in Europe. Another important and lasting contribution that Napoleon has given us French citizens is the Civil Code or most widely known as the Napoleonic Code. Keep in mind this was written at a time in history when discrimination was rampant. It was then that Napoleon decided to liberate and offer Liberty, Equality and Fraternity to the Jews, Protestants, and other religions as well. He has also opened the churches that were closed for years. This Napoleonic Code has given male French citizens equality before the law, equality of taxation and most importantly the freedom to pursue the career goal they choose! During the feudal times this never existed- such talk was even unheard of! Let’s keep this in mind folks and move over to King Louis XVIII (18) who will once again come to power if Napoleon is evicted. How can we forget the brief horror that had overcome France during Louis’ reign when Napoleon has first been exiled! Louis XVIII (18) had attempted to turn France back into the times of the feudal period. It was then that our freedom, liberty, and fraternity were snatched from was not now!

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