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Industrial revolution Free essay! Download now

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Industrial revolution

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Industrial revolution  essay previewIndustrial revolution  essay preview


This essay is about The Industrial revolution


Between the years 1750 and 1900, in the industrial revolution major inventions and discoveries have changed people’s lives in Britain everlastingly. Many inventions and discoveries have made a big impact on living and working conditions not just for ordinary people but even for the rich. Nevertheless, some of the consequences of these major changes were unpleasant. At the start of the industrial revolution people lived in the countryside.
In the year 1750, 9 out of 10 of the British population lived in the countryside. The people who lived in the countryside had manual jobs such as farming, which it was physically tough for them. Unfortunately people in the country side were very poor as their crops did not grow properly because of bad weather .The consequences of this was that sometimes people and animals starved as there was no food. Many animals died because of starvation. Transport was very poor as the only modes of transport that people used were the carriage and the horse or walking thus it was very hard for people to get from place to place. Even, health conditions were very bad as there were no medicine to keep people alive; the tools that doctors used to do operations were filthy as they were never washed because doctors did not know that bacteria existed, many people died in middle of an operation .additionally many kids died at birth because of poor health conditions. The population in Britain was decreasing. By 1900 England has improved and became wealthier because of the new inventions and discoveries.
Unbelievably, by 1900, 9 out 10 of the British population lived in towns, so only 1 out of 10 people lived in the country side. One of the major inventions that were invented in 1755 was the steam engine which it was invented by James watt. James watt invention was very important as it other inventors used his idea to make new modes of transport such as , the steam train ,steam tractor which it was used for farming and steam boat which it was used to trade goods around the world. This major invention has lead to an extraordinary population movement that has never happened before in the history of Britain. Changes happened in industries farming and transport.
After the major invention by James Watt in 1755, which it was the steam engine inventors used his idea to make new modes of transport, consequently a major population movement has occurred in the industrial revolution. The new modes of transport were: the steam train, the steam boat and the steam tractor.

Several changes occurred in Britain in the industrial revolution. Between the years 1750 and 1900 the population in Britain grew quickly .In the year 1750 ...

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