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In what ways were the lives of people at home affected by the first world war? Free essay! Download now

Home > GCSE > History > In what ways were the lives of people at home affected by the first world war?

In what ways were the lives of people at home affected by the first world war?

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In what ways were the lives of people at home affected by the first world war?


How much was recruitment and conscription affected by World War 1? The amount of men turning up for recruitment risen during world war 1 because of posters, however these poster may have been misleading .Source A1(i) shows a poster that would have been displayed throughout Great Britain encouraging young men to join the army. This source is straight forward whereas source A1(ii) isn't reliable and also has limitations. This picture shows recruiting looking successful with queues all down the street. Nevertheless, this photo may not be true to the caption for it could have been taken anywhere in the country and may not even be a queue for recruitment. This photo would have encouraged young men to join up because they weren,t aware of how horrible goin to war actually was. Also the government were desperate for soldiers and would have made men want to do their part but theres no proof the picture is taken in Southwark town hall. Source A3 shows that source A1(i) may have worked well in some parts of the country but had no impact whatsoever on Wales, for they were told it was a sin to become a soldier which was part of a religious debate. However, the Welsh were encouraged by Lloyd George a famous leader who had done well for himself, he had told them it wasn't and encouraged them to go ahead and fight in the war and most men had listened to his views. Recruitment wasn't as successful as the government may have hoped for so in 1916 conscription was introduced in which government forced young men to go to war. Source A4 proves that not all people wanted or had the choice to go to war unlike source A1(ii). A4 also doesn't provide information on why people didn't want to join which shows the source has limitations, nevertheless this poster is proof of the government enforcing young men to join. Source A5 expresses more evidence of the government forcing people to sign up and just how horrible the result of signing up really is. This source however does have limitations for no one knows how many people the letter is going out too. Posters encouraged more men to sign up but not enough so conscription was introduced which had a large effect on people lives.

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