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Germany Essays 1919 - 1939 Free essay! Download now

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Germany Essays 1919 - 1939

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Germany Essays 1919 - 1939 essay previewGermany Essays 1919 - 1939 essay previewGermany Essays 1919 - 1939 essay preview


This document contains several essays in Germany in the time period 1919-1939


What was Stressemann’s Foreign policy?
While Stressemann is remembered as one of the most recognized politicians in the Weimar years of German history most of his success can be associated with a simple and yet very effective foreign policy. Based on the simple concepts of fulfillment and rebuilding international bridges that had been broken due to the end of the world war and the resulting treaty Stressemann’s foreign policy was one of the most effective in the era.
By the early 1920’s Germany had been an international pariah, cast in the shadows by the ruthless allied forces. It had been stripped of its honor, strong sense of national pride and most importantly its empire. Emerging as a political strongman Stressemann aimed to end this diplomatic isolation that was causing Germany much suffering in the long and short term, a good example being the Locarno conference and the resulting pact. The meeting of world leaders at the conference in the snowy mountain village of Locarno resulted in a momentous treaty where many decisions were made. Firstly, as part of the treaty all parties involved in the conference accepted the borders of nations in Europe as laid out in the Treaty of Versailles. By doing so Germany was able to earn the trust of its fellow nations in the region and was beginning to become viewed as stable and increasingly trustworthy. By accepting these borders Germany was proving itself to be accepting of the terms of the treaty and thus now more and more nations were willing to negotiate with Germany. More importantly Stressemann assisted in allowing Germany to gain entry into the League of Nations. This is an example of Stressemann aiming to restore Germany’s position in the world as it had been in the pre-war days. Furthermore he aimed to build closer aims with powers such as the USA, France and the USSR. Between the USA and Germany many bilateral pacts were signed among them the Dawes and Young plans which assisted Germany. Furthermore American investment was encouraged in the German economy thus raising both economies. Lastly, Stressemann believed the cooperation that was being constructed would lead to fairer treatment of Germany and would speed up Germany’s recovery.
One of the most noted aspects of Stressemann’s foreign policy was that of Erfüllungspolitik (fulfillment). This policy indicated Germany’s willingness to adhere to the Treaty of Versailles and all of its clauses and Stressemann strongly believed this policy was strongly integral in Germany’s efforts to receive international respect from regional powers. By signing the Locarno pact Stressemann’s government reiterated its policy of fulfillment and in turn received recognition in the region and beyond and was key in Germany’s efforts in securing membership in the ...

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