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Environmental Protection Agency Free essay! Download now

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Environmental Protection Agency

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Environmental Protection Agency essay previewEnvironmental Protection Agency essay previewEnvironmental Protection Agency essay preview


History of EPA


Environmental Protection Agency
In the United States we have numerous organizations and associations. Some are private, others are public, and some are government based. Today I will talk about the United States Environmental Protection Agency or better known as the EPA. How the EPA contributes towards peoples’ knowledge about the environment and how they can apply this knowledge to live healthier lives.
There was a time in the U.S. when the term going green had not been instilled, recycling was a rarity, and protecting the environment was not a priority for most people; who led to events to the creation of the EPA the EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency, is a federal organization that was founded in 1970 by President Richard Nixon. Nixon proposed the EPA after concern arose about the safety of America’s environment. The main purpose of the EPA is to monitor our environment and to regulate and enforce laws that help protect it, a goal that is still being striven for today. Some people consider the EPA to be big brother and they claim that the EPA watches over our shoulders and regulates our lives too much. Other people claim that the EPA has forgotten its purpose, become confused about its role as an environmental regulator, and lost focus on prosecuting businesses. Regardless of what the critics say, the EPA is here to help humanity and protect our environment, and without the EPA our country would not be as eco friendly as it is.
The EPA is an agency of the Federal Government which protects human health and the environment, by writing and enforcing regulations based on laws passed by Congress. The EPA employs over 17,000 people; more than half are engineers, scientists, and environmental protection specialists. All of these people work together to cover all aspects of water, air, climate, waste, pollution, and human health. They are responsible for setting and enforcing national standards under a variety of environmental laws.
The EPA’s website is an excellent source to gain important information. Because the EPA’s job is to set standards based upon laws that are passed by Congress, you can always get the most accurate information there. The EPA has set regulations regarding human health and the environment. If you own an oil company, the EPA has set regulations on how you would use the crude oil and to form it into other substances such as gasoline. Or if you own a restaurant, you will find it that the EPA has strict regulations on food handling. Such regulations include ...

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