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the security of food Free essay! Download now

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the security of food

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the security of food essay previewthe security of food essay preview


a paper about the security of food in china and other countries. it includes some brief comparisons


The security of food
With the development of reform and opening up, great changes have taken place in China. So have some problems, such as, corruption and pollution. What I am most interested in is the security of food, which is related to almost everyone’s life.
In the past few years, several severe cases about the security of food have shocked us, such as overusing Sudan in some condiments, using melamine that is harmful to infants’ health to improve the rate of nitrogen...
From my point of view, it is the lost of morality that gives birth to these problems. The manufacturers care about nothing but their own profits. The officers at relevant bureaus do not fulfill their duties. Also, the immature law system leads to these phenomena.
The occurrence of these problems not only hurt consumers’ right, but devalued product made in China. What worries us most is the continuous appearance of similar cases. Because of this, we just cannot help asking where the ending is.
Among these cases, the one about the oranges with maggots influenced me greatly. In 2008, it was reported by a number of media that there were oranges with maggots. From then on, people who had eaten oranges started to feel worried and awful. Take my mother for instance. She said that in those days she always felt there were some worms wriggling in her bowel. But governors in our province claimed that oranges grew in Guangyuan, a city in Sichuan province, were safe. As my mother loves oranges so much, she found a so-called safe way to enjoy her ‘lovely’ oranges. Put segments of oranges into boiled water so that the maggots inside can be killed. Though I did not see the point of doing this, I fully understood the inconvenience and uncomfortableness it had brought us.
Of course, the security of food is not a problem that worries Chinese alone. Again in 2008, Mikasa Foods in Osaka admitted that it had sold on about 400 tonnes of inedible rice - intended for use as fertilizer, animal feed and glue - as more expensive grain to hundreds of companies across Japan. The rice was later used to make sake and shochu, a distilled spirit, and rice crackers. One of Mikasa Food's clients later supplied several hundred kilograms of the toxic rice to more than 100 hospitals, homes for the elderly and at least one school. The revelation prompted a panic recall of products that may have been made using the contaminated rice. In fact, the restrictions on food are quite strict in Japan. So how did this thing happen? The reason might be a bit ironical. Because this rice was regarded inedible, it was not checked that ...

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