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Should brain drain be banned? Free essay! Download now

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Should brain drain be banned?

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Should brain drain be banned? essay preview


should brain be banned for Canadians


Should brain drain be banned?

The topic I have chosen is the "Brain Drain". Is this a brain drain or a brain gain for Canada? Canadians believe it is a brain drain for them. The United States is also losing some of their students to Canada. This is a real issue facing Canadians; they are losing many of their highly educated students each year. "The issue of "brain drain" is a political hot potato in Canada". (Quoted by Wayne Kondro). Many of these students are moving to the United States because they are being paid a lot better.
This so called "brain drain" south was particularly dramatic in the mid- 1990's. There are many knowledgeable Canadians heading South of the border. Our low Canadian dollar is part of the reason why people chose to move to the States. Canadian's are being paid much more working in the US than they are being paid in Canada. High taxes are another reason Canada is driving people into the states. Another main reason why so many Canadians are leaving to live in the U.S. is theNorth American Free Trade Agreement.
The so called brain drain is actually a brain gain. The ratio is 1:4, for every Canadian going to the U.S., Canada is gaining four U.S. educated students. Immigrants are three times more likely to hold a master's degree, doctoral or medical degree than the Canadian born population is. Therefore, this says that people who are immigrating into Canada are keeping more of their degrees, than people immigrating to the states. In the end not all the people moving to the states stay there, there is a small percentage of them moving back. Maybe because in the states they aren't getting all the benefits Canadians are getting. For example medical care.
Brain Drain in India Favorable or Unfavorable?

A brain drain is a large emigration of individuals with the Knowledge or Technical skills, usually due to conflict, political instability, lack of opportunity, or health risks. A brain drain is generally regarded as an economic cost, because emigrants usually take with them the fraction of value of their teaching sponsored by government.

Do you believe brain drain, regularly known as a main problem in our country is essentially a bad thing? I dont think so. In reality it is a big gift that capable minds are able to depart the country and track their goals and dreams elsewhere. At the first glimpse, it seems like a huge loss. A significant number of young people are parting the country. It looks like the state is loosing a lot of knowledgeable and educated workforce

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