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River investigation coursework Free essay! Download now

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River investigation coursework

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This piece of coursework is a good example of GCSE Geography field work. The essay specifically aims to see whether the proposed housing development at Tidmarsh will have any detrimental effects on the river Pang, which is situated within 100 yards of the housing development. Includes good graphics and figures. Marked 26 out of 30 (A).


For my geography coursework we visited three sites overall. Two of these sites were on the river Pang and one of them was on the river Loddon. Of the three sites that I visited I only took measurements of the first two sites, Buckelbury Ford and Tidmarsh. When we visited the third site, the river Loddon, I did not take any measurements because I was observing and studying the flood protection/prevention methods.

The first site that we visited on the river Pang was Buckelbury Ford. On arrival it was obvious that both sides of the river were used for different things. On one side of the river the land was used for Pastrol farming, this is because the soil was not very good and consisted of 97% chalk, which is an impermeable solid. The remaining 3% of the soil was thin soil, this is advantage to the owner because this is good soil to have, this is because the soil is permeable and can be used for farming.

On the other side of the river the land was used for arable farming, this was because the soil was not good enough to support any crops. This whole site was situated at the upper course of the river. As we know this means that is was narrow and slow.

Also on this site I noticed that the farmer had introduced a flood prevention technique. He had installed and artificial bank, levee (see figure one).

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