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Report for house rent Free essay! Download now

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Report for house rent

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Report for house rent essay previewReport for house rent essay previewReport for house rent essay preview


house rent in UK


Contents Pages

Introduction . 3

Methodology 4

Findings ..5 8

Discussion . 10

Conclusion .. 10

Appendix .. 11-12

For individual members of any society the residence they live in is of great importance in their lives, especially for international students.
Currently, there are over 3000 students from more than 100 countries pursuing their studies in Cardiff University due to the frequent interaction and growing interdependence among countries. On one hand, because rental fees occupy the majority of daily expense, it arouses international students concern gradually. On the other hand, sense of comfort and other aspects of factors about housing force students to pay more attention to the issue of rent. In addition, female students and male students, due to difference between genders, may focus on different factors of accommodation.
This report is based on a survey which includes several factors which affect his or her choice of residence, such as an ideal price range, location, and surrounding. The aims of this paper are to find out the reason why women and men have different choices when they rent a house or a flat.
1. Female students choose residences largely determined by security condition, while male students tend to be a little more inclined to consider the price.
2. Both female and male students hope to stay an accommodation as close to the campus as possible.
3. Female and male students prefer live in fully-furnished residences.
This report will be organised in following sections: First, it will give a brief introduction about the methodology. Secondly, this paper will present the results of the research. Then, the significant results will be analysed.

The investigation was carried out thought interview with students at random on the campus, such as the Business School, Student Union and Library (Art and society). 28 respondents, with approximately equal number of female and male, were invited for an interview on Sunday July 17th and 100 percent of them offered the valid data.
The whole procedure was conducted by means of a questionnaire with 8 questions including 1 open-ended one. In order to check the questionnaire, there was a pilot-survey in a class on Friday July 15th before the investigation was carried out. During the official survey, the members of the group were arranged to invite 9 students to complete interviews separately in different areas.
Working group
The group for the survey consists of 3 members, including Ranee, Tony and Julian.

There were 28 students ...

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