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How have the experiences of immigrants in Britain changed between 1880 & 2000? Free essay! Download now

Home > GCSE > Geography > How have the experiences of immigrants in Britain changed between 1880 & 2000?

How have the experiences of immigrants in Britain changed between 1880 & 2000?

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How have the experiences of immigrants in Britain changed between 1880 & 2000?


Russian Jews Migrated to Britain between 1880 and 1911. There are numerous reasons why they chose to migrate to Britain. One of the reasons was because they were blamed for the assassination of Alexander Tsar II (Source A) in 1881 and were persecuted for it, life started to become much harder for them so they thought that if they migrate to another country life would be easier. This source partly trustworthy because it gives one opinion on the assassination, but on the other hand many might not say that the Jews caused the assassination so you can see the artist was in a way against the Russian Jews, this also only shows the negative things about the Jews but the Jews did many other positive things such as obeying the law though the law was against them. Another reason they fled was because of the strictly enforced may laws of 1880(source b), this restricted certain lifestyles, this was also a form of religious persecution, such things as owning a farm land was prohibited for them, if anyone tried to own, they were expelled. Jewish workers were only allowed to live in certain areas; they weren't allowed to work or own mines and they didn't have proper education or jobs. Source B is partly useful to a historian who wants to know a little about the May Laws because it does show some insight on the reasons the Russian Jews left but it doesn’t show all the reasons such as pogroms. Another factor which made them leave was lack of employment; this went together with low wages (Political reasons). Because most Jews had little or no education so they had minor jobs with low wages, even though they were written up as wanting to make money (Economic). The source that is used to present this information(source H)is partly useful because is shows that everything about the Jews is bad and that they are greedy in a sense but this is not entirely true because if they were greedy they wouldn’t have given up all their farmland, this source is also too exaggerated. Britain had religious tolerance; this meant that they would be free to practice their religion without persecution. Because Britain was developed it had exclusive access to the USA which helped those coming to have good access to the United States. The Aliens Act of 1905 was passed because of fears of degenerating health and housing conditions in London's East End. It was aimed at excluding migrants who were destitute, diseased or criminal, but it specifically made exceptions for refugees. One of the challenges they faced when they arrived here was housing, they found it hard to get good living conditions because they were paid at minimum wage, they thought that coming to Britain would give them a good opportunity but for some it didn't go that way. Those who did work had poor working conditions and cramped houses (Source G). People started to persecute them because of their religion. A writer called Arnold White says they would menace the British nation; this was called anti Semitism (Source H) where the source was overly exaggerated.

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