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Gun Control Free essay! Download now

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Gun Control

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Gun Control essay previewGun Control essay previewGun Control essay preview


Debate on Gun Control


Gun Control and the World

“Do countries with strong gun control laws have lower murder rates? Only if you cherry-pick the data” (Sowell 2012).
Gun Control and the World
Guns are a source of good and evil. They are very much like all of us. They have potential to make positive and negative decisions. They can make both great and terrible futures for all of us. The only difference between guns and all of us is we are the ones that pull the triggers. Guns don’t shoot themselves. It is the person who pulls the trigger that decides the fate of the bullet’s receiver, but his or her state of mind is also defined by the way it is raised or the society it has had to live in. That is why gun control laws should be stricter and more flexible in each individual state and country. All of us are different and unique, but our experiences can mold us into a persona of unthinkable chaos.
Our first thought when we hear about gun control is never a warm one. We hear those words and think death. For years many political advocates, politicians, members of the government, and the average Joe have considered revamping or introducing new gun control laws, not only introducing them in the US but across the globe. These incidents of failed gun control policies are controversial and threaten the wellness of everyone affected by the situation in one way or the other. Incidents like the Columbine School shooting and the shooting during the premiere of the movie The Dark Knight Rises. And, countless others have forced not only the public but government officials to review the gun control laws and to ask themselves certain questions. Questions like: How society attributes to the failure of gun control? The questions bordering ...

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