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globalization essay previewglobalization essay previewglobalization essay preview


it is about global interactions of people


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Printable Version Essay:
With Ў°Globalization is a process of interaction and integration among the people, companies, and governments of different nations, a process driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technologyЎ± (CSIS, 2002). With the rapid growth of communication and advances in technology, the increasing interaction among nations have affected on cultures, societies and economic development. So that nations are integrated into a global market with shortened and similar differences. But globalization provides more benefits to rich countries than poor countries such as low paying for labor forces, and many people fear that they would lose local political control of their destinies. This case study will explore the issue of the effect of globalization by looking at the case of a French sheep farmer attacked a McDonaldЎЇs restaurant in U.S to against the globalization. This first section of the article will give a statement of problem. And a suggestion of possible solution, an evaluation of those solutions, a choice and the justification are followed. The final section will be some conclusions and recommendations.
Statement of problem:
Definition: European countries are suffering from the negative impact of
globalization. They fear American-dominated globalization is threatening their economy, cultures and national identities.
Analysis: Globalization has provided more benefits to rich countries than poor countries. Rich countries take advantage of poor countriesЎЇ natural resources and labor force by paying them low wages, whilst they expand their national economy through international trade. When Jose BoveЎЇs, a French sheep farmer, attacked against McDonaldЎЇs restaurant in Millau, he drew the worldЎЇs attention to the negative impact of globalization on European countries and stated globalization movement (Numrich, C 2002).
Suggestion of Possible Solutions
A. Government should limit and control free trade.
B. Multinational companies of rich countries should subsidize poor countries so that they can manufacture their own products and invest their own sophisticated equipment with their countries.
C. European people should stop struggling against globalization because it is impossible to avoid and should take advantage of the beneficial sides of it.
Evaluation of Possible Solutions
A. Solution 1: Governments should limit and control free trade.
1. Advantages: European government would be able to maintain an import and export balance by controlling the amount of international products in their domestic market place in order to promote their local products. Moreover, it would enable them to expand local business to other countries.
2. Disadvantages: There would be a reduction of international investment and local industries would be restricted by governmentЎЇs trade rules in exporting products.
B. Solution 2: Multination companies of rich countries should subsidize poor countries so that they can manufacture their own products and invest their own sophisticated equipment with their countries.
1. Advantages: There would be an improvement and development of local products which ...

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