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Drunken Driving in China Free essay! Download now

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Drunken Driving in China

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Drunken Driving


Drunken Driving
In China, drunken driving is defined as the driving behavior of a driver who contains greater than 80 milligrams alcohol content per 100 milliliters of his/her blood. According to this definition, one have to drink 3 bottles of beer or about 100 milligrams of vodka to break the drinking bound. That is obviously too much for a driver, thus a dangerous behavior is very probably to cause great disasters and should be banned.
Setting aside the fact that the drunker is a driver, even if a normal human being should drink so much is still a question, for alcohol is conformed to be of great negative affects by medicine. First, alcohol is a kind of addictive thing which could be apposed by caffeine, amphetamine or other drugs, the abuse of alcohol leads to the dependence of it. Second, it can numb oneís brains and make a person lose his/her self-control. The last but mot the least, it cause many disease to our human being. To sum up the above arguments, one should never be drunk.
Now, turn our focus to the drunken driving, it is even much worse than the ordinary drunken. According to official statistics, in 2009, 67759 people dead in traffic accidents in China, and nearly one out of ten of the casualty dead because of drunken driving. But what prompt one to deep think is that the traffic cops could hardly find one drunken driver out of 100 drivers. This 1 percent of drivers, the drunken drivers, made up nearly 10 percent of the accidents. That is to say, those who drive while they are drunk have nearly 1000% higher rate to make traffic accidents than the normal drivers. This conclusion is not hard to understand. Every driver got his/her driving license while he/she is sensible and no body got his/her driving license after having the test of drunken driving. So drunken driving should be equal to driving with out a license in this aspect for the drunken driver is not the one who got the driving permission. Thus a driving behavior is ignorance to the othersí health and human rights. I donít what to waste breath to argue how much kinds of badness this behavior will bring us, for any other things turned out to be worthless before lives. So the badness of drunken driving is only that it is harm to life, thatís enough.
Time and time again, when I see the family members on the TV set crying for the casualties who dead because of drunken driving, maybe the drunk driver himself/herself, maybe an innocent passerby, I couldnít help myself to think about that what if the driver hadnít drank so muchÖ But the ...

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