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Deforestation in Amazon Free essay! Download now

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Deforestation in Amazon

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the effects of deforestation on Amazon and why it is done


Deforestation provides benefits for many different companies which wish to make large amounts of money. Also Brazil owes large amount of Depts. and so the government believe that by developing the forest it will help to contribute towards the payment of these depts. Nevertheless it causes many problems for the ecosystems of the forest and the world.
Deforestation in Amazonia has led to many conflicts between different groups of people. Some people argue that deforestation has its economic benefits and that developing the Amazon will have benefits for the people and economy of Brazil. However certain groups like world wildlife fund (wwf) are concerned because large amounts of animals and plant are becoming extinct. They argue that it is a global mistake and that in the long term this will only cause more problems for Brazil and the rest of the world.
The best uses of the rainforest are those that help the people to improve their standard of life help the country to become more developed and wealthier and use the rainforest in a sustainable way so as not to damage the ecosystems of the rainforest.
In order to draw up a conclusion to how the rainforest should be preserved I will look at the different types of uses of the Amazonia rainforest. Two uses of rainforest I am going to look at are:
• Clearing the forest to get at valuable minerals in the rocks under the forest such as iron ore and bauxite.
• Leaving the forest for the tribes who have lived in the forest for thousands of years.
One of the developments that have taken place in the Amazon is mining. Large amounts of minerals such as iron ore, gold, copper, bauxite and other minerals can be found in the grounds of the rainforest. People in the developed counties buy these raw materials for many purposes such as car manufacturing.
The mining helps people to improve their living standards as there are many jobs created in the mines. Because more jobs are created the people will have much more spare money which they can spend in shops, restaurants, banks e.t.c. This will cause a multiplier effect as more people will be spending more money and so more jobs will be created such as waitress. Because labour is cheap the employers will not have to pay the workers much money and so there will be more workers. The people who get this job think it is a good way to develop the rainforest as they earn a lot more money than they were earning which helps them improve their living standards.

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