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Case Study: River Ouse (York) Free essay! Download now

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Case Study: River Ouse (York)

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Case Study: River Ouse (York) essay previewCase Study: River Ouse (York) essay previewCase Study: River Ouse (York) essay preview


case studies on flood for gcse


1.3a Case Study: River Ouse (York)

Causes of the 2000 flood

Effects of the 2000 flood

450 properties damaged
Riverside businesses closed
Stock damaged
Access routes cut off (Road and Rail)
Insurance prices rise and house prices fall
Historical buildings damaged
Sewage facilities overwhelmed, contaminated water leaves a sticking sludge behind
Demand for builders, decorators (etc…) soars
Parks and playing fields submerged
New flood defences are planned

How has York responded to the threat of flooding?

Warning Systems – Like the rest of the UK, weather conditions and river levels in the York region are closely monitored by the MET Office and the Environment Agency. When heavy rain is predicted weather warnings are issued and when river levels rise flood warnings are given to ensure local people have the time to prepare and evacuate.

Planning – Local authorities have designated rural areas prone to flooding as over spill areas. These regions have tough planning laws preventing the construction of new buildings. Some of these ‘washlands’ have been enhanced, through the building of embankments and sluice gates, to control the movement of flood water.

Engineering – A number of hard flood defences have been built to protect the city’s historical centre and important residential areas. A series of flood gates, earthen embankments and concrete walls have been built to hold back flood waters. There has also been an attempt to manage flow rates through the construction of the Foss Barrier at the confluence of the Ouse and Foss. The Foss Barrier separates the flow of the two rivers during periods of high discharge preventing the water from ‘backing-up’ and flooding neighbouring districts.

1.3a Case Study: River Ganges (Bangladesh)

The map below shows the drainage basin of the Ganges river system. To the north lie the Himalayas and to the south is the Deccan Plateau. The river flows into the Bay of Bengal, through its delta. Here the river splits up into smaller channels, called distributaries.

Flooding in the Ganges Basin.

As rainfall is concentrated in the period between April and September river floods regularly occur. Farmers in Bangladesh have traditionally relied on the floods to provide water for their crops and sediment to fertilise their fields. However, the extent and severity of flooding has increased over the past 20 years and today acts as a major factor holding back development in the Ganges delta.

Causes of flooding

a) Physical Factors
1. Heavy rainfall during the wet monsoon;
2. Tropical cyclones bring additional rainfall and tidal surges;
3. Large amounts of melt water from the Himalayan mountains join the river system in early Spring;
4. The majority of Bangladesh is low-lying floodplains and delta islands.

b) Human factors
1. Global warming has lead to sea-level increases and a greater number of tropical storms;
2. Deforestation in Nepal.

Effects of flooding

Although the Bangladeshi people are used ...

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