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air pollution Free essay! Download now

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air pollution

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air pollution essay previewair pollution essay previewair pollution essay preview


causes and effects of air pollution


Air Pollution:
A high percentage of premature deaths around the world come from air pollution. Air pollution today is even worse than what it was 50 years ago says, World Health Organization. It is caused by cars, factories, and even people. All of these things affect the world and the people who live in it. So in this essay it will explain what these air pollutions are doing, and what solutions may help bring down the percentage of air pollution.
As studies show from Lori Quillen of Cary institute of Ecosystem Studies, that “cars, factories, and smoking are some main causes of air pollution”. Lori Quillen also stated that these causes are all giving off carbon monoxide and dioxide which then causes damage to the air. Also studies from the World Health Organization, shows that “Two million people around the world a year die from air pollution”. Also studies from The World Health Organization show that most air pollutants come from cities. These pollutants mostly come from the cars and other things that release these bad fumes into the air. These are just some of many causes of air pollution.
Air pollution has some major effects on humans, animals, and the Earth alike. Scientific studies from the Natural Resources Defense Council, show that there are some long term effects from being exposed to air pollution for too long. Some of the effects are chronic respiratory disease, lung cancer, heart disease, and many more states AHA. Also studies from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, state that the air pollutants from smoking, diesel exhaust particles, and indoor air pollution are the leading causes of the high percentage of premature deaths. Also the air pollution is affecting the ozone layer, which is leading to more skin cancer and cataracts.
A basic solution to most of these air pollution problems would be to just stop using the air pollutants, but that will never happen. Some solutions for indoors is that if one has a smoker in the home, one should smoke outside, or one should get an air purifier. Another statement from the EPA, that anything in the house that gives off carbon monoxide should be installed by a professional so there are no future incidents. EPA also states that the reduction of the amount of the waste produced, combined with a focus on recycling should help lower the percentage on air pollution. Maybe a drive for a non-polluting product that’s a renewable energy source would be good to help lower air pollution.
Clearly, this essay has gone over some key causes, effects, and solutions to air pollution. This essay has also given some name of organizations that help warn and tell of the causes ...

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