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The Tyger By William Blake Free essay! Download now

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The Tyger By William Blake

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The symbol of the Tyger is one of the two central mysteries of the poem, the other being the Tyger’s creator. It is unclear what it exactly symbolizes, but scholars have hypothesized that the Tyger could be inspiration, the divine, artistic creation, history, the sublime the big, mysterious, powerful and sometimes scary. Or vision itself, the list is almost infinite. The point is, the Tyger is important, and Blake’s poem barely limits the possibilities.


In line 7: Wings are what the creator uses to "aspire" to the creation of the Tyger. Essentially, they are the power or inspiration that allows the creator to "dare" go about the task of creating the Tyger. Smith Tools ("Hammer," "chain," "furnace," "anvil")
Stanza 4: In the poem, these tools make up an extended metaphor of the creator and his creation of the Tyger. A blacksmith uses these tools to make objects out of super-hot metal. The word "forge" – to create or form – is a smith term as well as another name for a smith’s furnace. The smith reference also ties into all the fire imagery associated with the Tyger, and heightens the energy and danger of the Tyger’s creation.
"The Lamb". Line 20: When you read the word "lamb," it makes you think about symbol of Jesus Christ ("the Lamb of God"). As the tradition holds, animals such as lambs were sacrificed to God or gods in general until God offered his Son, Jesus Christ – his lamb – as the final sacrifice for the sins of mankind. In line 20, Blake references a version of Christianity that states that God created Jesus (Protestant version vs. the Catholic doctrine of the Trinity). In the reference to Jesus and an allusion to Christianity. Blake asks whether God, who created Jesus, also created the Tyger. Also "The Lamb" is the title of another poem by Blake, from the Songs of Innocence; the two poems are often read together.

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