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The forgotten battle for freedom Free essay! Download now

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The forgotten battle for freedom

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The forgotten battle for freedom essay previewThe forgotten battle for freedom essay previewThe forgotten battle for freedom essay preview


This is a comparrison essay on both the plays Blood Relations by Sharon Pollock and Goodnight Desdemona by Anne-Marie MacDonald.


The Forgotten Battle for Freedom

Ever since the early 1920's, feminists in Canada have been fighting for women rights in many different and creative ways. They've fought for the right to vote, the right to be recognized as a person, the right to be included within the charter of rights and freedom, the right to have an abortion and many others. Sharon Pollock, the author of " Blood Relations", and Anne-Marie Macdonald, the author of "Goodnight Desdemona", both fought for women's rights through literature. Both plays "Blood Relations" by Sharon Pollock and "Goodnight Desdemona" by Anne-Marie Macdonald, share a common theme of feminism which I will emphasize in this essay.

For several years, wemen have been degraded and abused. In both plays by S. Pollock and A. Macdonald, the main characters suffer through this. In "Goodnight Desdemona" by A. Macdonald, Constanse's (the main. character and author within the play) experience at Queens University is Anne-Marie Macdonalds first example of sexist behavior. Professor Night has ignored Constanse's ideas and efforts for years. At the same time, he takes advantage of her but yet insults her by telling her that she has "a little interesting mind" and calls her belittling names such as "my little titmouse" and "pet" (A. Macdonald, pg. 12, 16 & 17). The professors actions say that he's sexist by degrading her with insults, exploiting her and taking advantage of her based on her gender. Sexism is also shown through Sharon Pollocks play, "Blood Relations", as Lizzie (the main character) begs her father to let her go to work with him so she can learn how to keep books. He refused because he says that that's not a women's place in which she responds with "You can't make me do anything that I don't wanna do". Then her stepmother rushes in and reminds her that her father is taking care of her. So she volunteers to leave home and her stepmother explains to her that "You know you got nothing but what he gives you. And that's the fact of life. You got to deal with the ...

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