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Street car named desire Free essay! Download now

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Street car named desire

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Street car named desire essay previewStreet car named desire essay preview


Its about stella in a street car named desire


A Streetcar named desire essay.

Tennessee Williams was born March 26, 1911 – February 25, 1983 and wrote many plays. The author Williams portrays the character of Stanley, his relations with Stella and Blanche and his attitudes as a very masculine role,

The story of the play is about a girl, Blanche who got married at a young age, her husband died which lead to Blanche coming in to contact with her sister who appears to have been out of contact for quit a while. Blanche’s social condescension wins her the instant dislike of Stella’s husband. Blanche’s heavy drinking, which she attempts to conceal from her sister and brother-in-law is another sign that all is not well with Blanche. Which cause’s more disruption in the Kowalski house.

As the play goes on we begin to understand the relationship between Stella and Blanche. Stella was happy to leave behind her the social pretensions of her background in exchange for the sexual gratification she gets from her husband, Tennessee Williams then reveals that Stella is pregnant after she has been hit from her husband. This suddenly shifts the audience angry towards Stanley. Stanley is remorseful and cries which leads to the forgiveness of Stella. To Blanche’s alarm, Stella returns to Stanley and embraces him in a night of passion between the couple.

In this play Blanche, Stella and Stanley were very important and controversial because they represent a distress society by problems of class differences. On first appearance Stanley is portrayed as a physically attractive man with dominating attitude towards his wife. He is he is a proud American and dislikes people who think they are superior to him. Behind the uneducated side of Stanley, the audience sees his true manipulative self and his determination to break Blanche self esteem.

We first begin to understand the type of character Stanley is when he comes back from bowling one night and he brings red stained package from the butchers, this show us he very untidy, suddenly we to form a picture of Stanley in his appearance. At first we think that he is a strong and handsome but as the play goes on Williams reveals his true character.

The more the play goes on we learn how ignorant Stanley really is. “I am not a Polack. People from Poland are Poles, not Polacks. But what I am is a one hundred percent American, born and raised in the greatest country on earth and proud as hell of it, so don’t ever call me a Polack.”

The writer, Tennessee Williams uses symbolism and imagery to help convey the idea that Blanche is deceptive and seductive. Blanche feels that she should use trickier and deception to strive in a world ...

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