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romeo and juliet act 1 Free essay! Download now

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romeo and juliet act 1

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romeo and juliet act 1 essay preview


shakespearian play study


Romeo & Juliet
How Shakespeare presents
‘The nature of love through dramatic devices and language in Act One’

William Shakespeare started writing tragedies after many comedies and happy ending plays; the reason to this was thought to be the death of his only son in 1596 which brought about sadness to his heart.
Shakespeare gained his inspiration for the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet from the narrative poem written by Arthur Brooke, called: “The Tragicall History of Romeus and Juliet” published in 1562. Shakespeare changed a few twists around from the original story. In the original poem Arthur made it known as a sin, saying that it was wrong when two sixteen year olds were so strongly in love, in a more materialistic way. But Shakespeare makes it seem normal for that age range portraying the lovers in a strong deep, powerful form of love, living in each other’s hearts. At the end of the story when both lovers are killed Arthur had the two families build up more of a rivalry against one another, whereas Shakespeare brought them to peace, each grieving over their lost children. Arthur had Romeo and Juliet in a longer relationship, for three months more realistically, giving them time to marry and then flee whereas Shakespeare cut the time to five days, making their love between them more intense. Shakespeare brings Juliet’s age from sixteen down to fourteen, making her more dependent on the nurse.
Back in the time of William Shakespeare around the age of fourteen the girls were at an age where their parents would seek out good arranged marriages for them. There were thought to have reached an age where they could take in love properly. This could be why Shakespeare changed the age of Juliet. Shakespeare wrote many of his plays in “blank verse”. Blank verse is with a good rhythm, ten n syllables in each line, making it easier for the actors to learn and for the audience to comprehend.
The tone of the play changes throughout and has a wide range including romance, desperation and violence. The play is set in Verona and is fabricated around the civil conflict of the Montagues and the Capulets this is described as ‘ancient grudge’ in the prologue the word ‘ancient’ is emphasising that their feud has been going on for many generations. At the beginning of the play Romeo and Juliet have not met and ...

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