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Quotes to go with the chart of responsibility using PQE Free essay! Download now

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Quotes to go with the chart of responsibility using PQE

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Quotes to go with the chart of responsibility using PQE essay previewQuotes to go with the chart of responsibility using PQE essay preview


5 appropiate quotes that go with the chart of responsibility using detailed PQE


Find 5 appropriate quotes to go with the chart of responsibility using PQE

P - Mr Birling is unaware of injustice
Q – “I have an idea that your mother – Lady Croft – while she doesn’t object to my girl – feels you might have done better for yourself socially” (Pg 8)
E – This quote shows the snobbish side of Mr Birling and how he wants to be part of the Crofts to get a higher status. It shows that Mr Birling is in his own little bubble where he seems to only want to interact with higher status people. He doesn’t care for anyone lower than him is society. This is a main thing for Mr Birling in the story, the rest of the family don’t seem too bothered about Sheila marrying into a higher status family, it seems so important for Mr Birling, it’s an individual problem.

P – Sheila is aware of injustice
Q – “If I could help her now I would’
E – this shows a sign of remorse and instantly presents Sheila as a caring person unlike her father. The quote “Don’t please, I know, I know and I can’t stop thinking about it” indicates that she experiences painful regret as she cannot bare to listen to what the Inspector accuses her of. Priestly does this to show the audience not all upper class people are socially irresponsible.

P – Mrs Birling thinks of it as another’s responsibility and feels she’s unable to intervene
Q – “Naturally that was one of the things that prejudiced me against her case”, “I’m very sorry but she only had herself to blame”
E - She admits she was "prejudiced" against the girl who applied to her committee for help and saw it as her "duty" to refuse to help her. Her narrow sense of morality dictates that the father of a child should be responsible for its welfare, regardless of circumstances. She doesn’t think Eva deserved her help especially being lower class and getting herself into that state.

P – Eric is responsible
Q – ‘I’m not very clear about it, but afterwards she told me she didn’t want to go in but that – well i was in that state when a chap easily turns nasty and i threatened to make a row’
E – This is where we see that Eric could have prevented Eva’s death, if he was never determined to have sex with her and start a row over it she wouldn’t have got pregnant and got herself into such a predicament that she killed herself. Eric uses alcohol and that he wasn’t very clear about it to try and cover up for the mistake he knows ...

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