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Old Majors Speech and how it relates to the rest of the novel animal farm Free essay! Download now

Home > GCSE > English literature > Old Majors Speech and how it relates to the rest of the novel animal farm

Old Majors Speech and how it relates to the rest of the novel animal farm

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Exploring how old majors speech relates to the rest of animal farm and looking at how things change.


Old major was a kindly pig and was a natural leader. He was a middle white boar and was highly regarded by the other animals in the farm. As he was the oldest he had acquired a lot of wisdom. Old major had a dream where all animals were equal and the Manor farm was run by animals. Before passing away he gave the animals a speech that was detailed and interesting one and included the vision that he saw. This took place in the barn during the night after Mr. Jones had fallen asleep. Major’s speech was mixture Marxism and Leninism.

Old Majors speech had a big influence on the animals. The animal’s spirits for the rebellion had risen and it was under the influence of Old Major the seven commandments were written. Old Majors dream was coming true when the animals had two leaders Napoleon and Snowball. There was perfect unity (except for Snowball and Napoleon) and the animals had plenty of food and water. There had a very comfortable life and the got to sleep for long hours. But this dream was short lived. After the expulsion of Snowball from the farm and when Napoleon had come to power he had become nothing more than a dictator. He seized power and took advantages for himself and the welfare of the pigs. As this kept going on the time had become worse that it was during the time of Jones and the other animals could not differentiate between humans and the pigs.

In his speech he included about the lives of the animals. How laborious, miserable and short it was. How the humans took control of everything and the animals toiling day and night for less food.

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