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Of Mice and Men Coursework Guide Free essay! Download now

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Of Mice and Men Coursework Guide

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Of Mice and Men Coursework Guide

Coursework outline for achieving good coursework grades



Discuss at least five of the following points using the PEEE structure in EVERY paragraph.

Point – write a sentence that sums up what your paragraph is going to be about.
Evidence – introduce a quotation that supports your point.
Explanation – discuss the effect that this language choice has on the reader. What does it make the reader feel and understand about the novel?
Exploration – what does Steinbeck want us to understand as a reader? How does what you have said link back to the question? How does it lead to the idea that chapter three is significant in the novel?

Candy’s Dog
Candy’s dog obviously gets shot in this chapter which is very significant indeed and could almost create two paragraphs of discussion. What you need to discuss is why it is so significant. It is not enough to just say that the deaths are getting bigger or that it is an omen of what is to come. Think about what Steinbeck might be saying about how weak people are treated in this society. You may also wish to discuss the importance of the fact that Candy regrets not shooting the dog himself and why this is important in relation to George and Lennie.

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