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Julius Caesar: Do you agree with Antony’s assessment of Brutus in “Julius Caesar”? Free essay! Download now

Home > GCSE > English literature > Julius Caesar: Do you agree with Antony’s assessment of Brutus in “Julius Caesar”?

Julius Caesar: Do you agree with Antony’s assessment of Brutus in “Julius Caesar”?

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GCSE English Literature coursework.
“This was the noblest Roman of them all”
(Antony: Act 5, scene 5, line 68).
Do you agree with Antony’s assessment of Brutus in “Julius Caesar”?

Explores Brutus as a character and discusses other peoples opinions of him.


In order to generate an accurate analysis of the extent of Brutus’ nobility, it is necessary to discuss several things: I believe it is firstly necessary to think of the word itself, “noble”. This word has immediate association with “honourable”, but there is a difference between the two words. I believe that for “nobility” of character, one is judged by one’s actions. However, with “honour”, one is judged by one’s motives and mentality at a certain time. These two things are of course, closely linked, but not identical. One can exist without the other. Brutus shows both of these virtues throughout the play, but not always at the same time.
I believe it is necessary to consider just why Caesar was so shocked that Brutus betrayed him. Caesar’s dying words, “Et tu, Brute?”, show that all he could think of in death was the betrayal by Brutus. Caesar must have previously believed Brutus to be a magnificent companion, due to his dignity, nobility and fidelity. The fact that Brutus betrayed Caesar’s trust – whatever his motives – shows us a lot about his character.
We can get an accurate idea as to what kind of person Brutus is from things that other characters say about him. Cassius, for instance, is convinced about Brutus’ “hidden worthiness” from early on in the play. It is clear that Brutus, on the other hand, is not aware that any such virtues are believed to be in him by “many of the best respect in Rome.” Cassius, although sure of Brutus’ nobility and honour, is also aware of the fact that Brutus can be swayed, as he ponders, “for who so firm that cannot be seduced?”

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