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Huck Finn Debate on Racism Free essay! Download now

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Huck Finn Debate on Racism

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Huck Finn Debate on Racism essay previewHuck Finn Debate on Racism essay preview


satire in huckelberry finn


Huck Finn: Debate on Racism

Mark Twain, the author of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, has been seriously accused by some of being a “racist writer”, whose writing is offensive to black readers and deserves no place on today’s bookshelves and school requirement reading books. Initially, as the reader begins the novel, he or she is struck by the diction, and harshness of the term, “nigger,” that is present very frequently throughout the novel. At a superficial glance, the novel can be viewed as supporting the oppression of blacks and reinforcing the racial divisions and conditions in America. However, Mark Twain’s satirical illustrations in the novel reinforce his anti-slavery message.
Twain is using this casual dialogue ironically, as a way to point out the disturbing truth about the old South. Twain likes to use satires to express his opinions on certain aspects of society. I think most people miss the big satire, which is the whole book. Twain is satirizing the Southern society and depiction of real life, throughout the entire novel. He's making fun of the way they talk and their views on slavery. I understand that some of the words he uses may be offensive to some, but if they look past the words and at the bigger picture they'll understand his point of view. He was raised with experiences with black slaves and these contacts left him with a lasting impression of warmth and affection towards blacks. Twain shows to enjoy emphasizing the humor in such a ridiculous idea of using slaves. I strongly believe that this novel is not a story supportive of racism and that Twain shares the same feeling towards this human cruelty. If Mark Twain were in support of slavery or any human oppression, he never would have allowed the growth in the relationship of Huck and Jim to take place. Huck and Jim’s relationship becomes one based not on societal beliefs and race, but on pure brotherly love. Huck slowly begins to realize the idea that Jim is human and the same as the white race in regards to attitude towards family and friends.
Even though many readers credit Adventures of Huckleberry Finn as a masterpiece that cracked open the problem of race in the United States, other readers find the more than 200 uses of the same racial slur in that novel as reason enough to not read the book. Twain is merely exposing the hypocrisy of racism through his writings. Twain actually portrays a black man as the smart, cultured and educated man Pap wants to be as he continues on his drunken, racist monologue towards the black man. The man is everything Pap is not and therefore he resents ...

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