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How Is Dramatic Affect Created In The Play? Free essay! Download now

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How Is Dramatic Affect Created In The Play?

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How Is Dramatic Affect Created In The Play?


Act 3 scene 5 is set on the balcony of Jules window this is quite unusual because… . This seen I very dramatic because of how the emotion changes constantly throw charecters are introduced and dismissed from the scene. In parts it changes in a single line from love to sorrow or from anger to desperation as the sections change.

Section 1(line1-64) is about the relationship of Romeo and Juliet. Many metaphors are used to describe the approaching day light and what it will mean for the young couple. It also has a very strong theme of ‘fait’ throw out the first section. Foreshadowing is also present in this section and used by both Romeo and Juliet.

Section 2 (65-125) is this section of the scene Mrs. Capulet is introduced (Juliet’s mother). Again there are a lot of metaphors used in the section but this time they are mainly used by Juliet alongside her use of double in her speech. This is used to show her greaf from her loss of Romeo while betraying to her mother that her greaf is for the murder of her cousin … . in the second part of this section the tone changes very drastically from sorrow to anger, after Juliet’s refusal to Paris’s proposal.
Section 3 (126-242) is where Juliet finally realizes that she is alone. Her mother and the nurse have both sided with her father’s harsh threats and Romeo has been exiled. She has found herself in an impossible persition. The tone of this section is desperate, Juliet is distort and is willing to take her own life to avoid the marriage.

The first half of section one is about the future of romeo and juliets relationship and them having to part . they both no that romeo has to leave but julet is not yet ready to let him go.

Juliet “It was the nightingale, and not the lark, that pierced the fearful hollow of thine ear;”

Juliet is making up excuses, by saying that it was the nightingale that is singing and not the lake as the nightingale only sings at night. …
Romeo knows that he must go as the day draws nearer and he wiil be killed if he stays.

Romeo “… what envious streaks”

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