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how has steinbeck presented curleys wife in Of Mice And Men? Free essay! Download now

Home > GCSE > English literature > how has steinbeck presented curleys wife in Of Mice And Men?

how has steinbeck presented curleys wife in Of Mice And Men?

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how has steinbeck presented curleys wife in Of Mice And Men? essay previewhow has steinbeck presented curleys wife in Of Mice And Men? essay previewhow has steinbeck presented curleys wife in Of Mice And Men? essay preview


this essay includes everything about curleys wife from how she dresses to the way she acts! including the american dream


Curley’s wife wasn’t even given a name by Steinbeck. This suggests that her relationship with Curley was almost like she was an object with no value, she belonged to Curley, he owned her.
In the 1930’s women were considered insignificant in America during the Great Depression, their primary role was to be a housewife and nothing more, they were left with the domestic work. Women were powerless, their opinions didn’t matter. They weren’t considered as individuals. This was a sexist era, with no equal rights.
Curley’s wife was very influential to the text because she was an example of women in that time. Steinbeck uses the character of Curley’s wife to explore how women were treated, purely because of their gender. When we are reading the book, we are forced to ask ourselves if that was morally right or wrong.
Each time she appears, the mood of the scene changes. The men suddenly feel uncomfortable and tense around her. Lennie and George try their hardest not to make conversation with her; they assume that women would only talk to a man if they were interested in sexual pleasure. All the other people on the farm feel that she is a trouble-maker, so they have to restrict themselves because they are scared that if anything happened she would tell Curley.
She is made to feel lonely and isolated, not being able to talk to anyone as she only does what her husband tells her. She has a restricted life where she feels separated because she is the only women on the ranch. It is important to remember that the story happens in a rural place, with no phones for communication. Curley’s wife doesn’t have anyone to share her problems and feelings with – not even Curley, because they are never seen together in the book.
Violence plays an important part in the life of Curley’s wife. She is a victim of verbal abuse by the men on the farm, who all make sly comments. For example, George calls her “jail bait”, which suggests that he thinks of her like someone who is fit for a prisoner, the lowest of the low. Lennie is also very harsh towards her, saying “well I think Curleys married a tart” and “what a tramp”. All these cruel comments stay with her. Her abuse at the hands of Lennie is not just physical, but she is also emotionally neglected. If she is never with her husband in this rural place, who else does she have?
The story Of Mice And Men captures many ideas about the American Dream. Curley’s wife clearly has hopes and dreams like any other human being, but it is important to recognise that nobody ...

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