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How does Priestly Present Birling? Free essay! Download now

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How does Priestly Present Birling?

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How Priestly Presents Birling? mini essay


How does Priestly present Birling to the audience?

Priestly present Birling as an egotistic and self absorbed man.
One way Priestly does this is through stage directions. This can be seen where he writes ‘Birling is a heavy-looking man, rather portentous.’ This tells the audience that Birling is important and overweight. The fact that he is ‘heavy-looking’ could suggest that he is greedy and egocentric. This called be proved by the fact that he didn’t give Eva/ Daisy the rise she wanted when she went on strike. An alternative opinion could be he is ill and that makes him bloated. I believe it is the first reason because there is other evidence through-out the play to support it. Another quote to support this is ‘rather provincial in his speech.’ This tells the audience that he is self-confident and believes that he is always right. Since it’s set in the North Midlands, this could he has an accent because he lives in the provinces but I believe it is that he thinks he is always right because later on he argues with the inspector about who is write.
Another way Priestley does this is through his speech. For example ‘Has to look after himself – and his family too, of course.’ This tells the audience that Birling has no respect for others, who are in a lower class, only himself and his family. The fact that it says ‘and his family too’ suggests that his is not completely selfish and cares about his family. Alternatively this could be because he doesn’t want to ruin his reputation. I believe this is why because at the end of the play he says ‘Haven’t I already said there’ll be a public scandal- unless were lucky’ This shows he is worried about his families and his reputation.

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