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Great Expectations: How successful is Pip in fulfilling his expectations? Free essay! Download now

Home > GCSE > English literature > Great Expectations: How successful is Pip in fulfilling his expectations?

Great Expectations: How successful is Pip in fulfilling his expectations?

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GCSE English Literature coursework.
Explores the ideas of corruption, Victorian values and gentility, as well as discussing Dickens' own authorial concern for society.


At the beginning of the novel, Pip is looking back at himself in a graveyard at a very young age. He is standing by the graves of his two parents, whom he knows little about. This is a very powerful metaphor; it is symbolic of the difficulties he will encounter throughout his journey into adulthood. The whole novel could, in fact, revolve around the question: ‘Would Pip’s journey have been necessary if he had had proper parental love and affection?’ Without strong mother and father figures, it would not be possible for a child to grow naturally and correctly. It is clear, however, that Pip has a caring figure in Joe Gargery (his brother-in-law). If anything, Joe is too gentle and is lacking as a protective father figure. Mrs Joe Gargery (Pip’s sister) is much more of a fierce, powerful figure than her husband. She seems to want total control of the child’s life. She often mentions raising Pip “by hand” and is shown as very fixed in her beliefs that she is doing this for his own good. As Pip has no clear maternal role model, he is vulnerable towards female approval and feels it necessary to love and to be loved; he finds this “affection sharer” in Miss Havisham.

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