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GCSE English coursework Media work Free essay! Download now

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GCSE English coursework Media work

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GCSE English coursework Media work

"I have taken 4 newspapers, 2 tabloid and 2 broadsheet, and have compared and contrasted the differences in each of the coverage of the faulty hip news item. These 2 tabloid and 2 broadsheet newspapers were The Daily Mail, The Daily Mirror, The Daily Telegraph and The Independent, respectively."


The physical location of the articles within their respective newspapers is somewhat varied. The article was printed by the Daily Mail on the front page as their headline story, and it continued onto a column on page 2. The Daily Mirror printed it on the top of page 17; The Daily Telegraph printed it on the top of page 2 and the Independent on the top of page 3. The position of the articles in their newspapers in related to how the newspaper prioritises the article. The size of the article (i.e. the physical space occupied by the article within the newspaper) is also related to how the article is prioritised. As expected with a front-page story The Daily Mail gave the faulty hip article the most space, with the article covering all of the front page bar the title etc. and a short column on page 2 was also occupied by it too.The Independent gave the article a relatively large amount of space for the article with 2 substantial columns being allocated for the printing of the story. The Daily Telegraph assigned the story 4 small columns and The Daily Mirror gave the story a relatively very small amount of space, in fact the least amount of space of all 4 of the newspapers. It is easy to deduce from the physical location and the amount of physical space provided for the article what newspaper attributed the article with the highest priority and which one attributed the article with the lowest of the 4 newspapers. It seems that The Daily Mail felt the article to be the most important for its newspaper, followed by The Independent, The Daily Telegraph and finally The Daily Mirror.
Probably the most important component that produces the visual impact of the articles, is the headline. It seems the size of the headlines is more or less directly related to the position and size of the story itself in the newspaper. The Daily Mail has the largest headline and its article has been placed on the front page, The Independent has the next largest headline and has a large story on page 3,

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