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Falcon questions and answers Free essay! Download now

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Falcon questions and answers

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Falcon questions and answers essay previewFalcon questions and answers essay preview


It is about Niccolo Machiavelli and Frederigo's Falcon


I. A. According to Machiavelli, what are the pitfalls of generosity for a prince? B. When is it necessary for a prince to be generous, and why is it necessary at those times?
According to Machiavelli, a prince should not mind having a reputation of being mean as long as he can keep his resources enough, he can defend himself against all attacks, and he does not burden his people by engaging in enterprises. It could lose him the state, rulers should base their choice entirely on the need to stay in power. Generosity was traditionally one of the primary signs of a good prince. The custom of a leader's rewarding his followers is age-old, but it was very much part of the medieval and Renaissance view of nobility. It was commonly believed that Christians should be secretive about generosity. For Machiavelli, such generosity is useless because it will not gain the prince the reputation he may need to survive as a ruler. Generosity will only lead to ruin. Machiavelli is concerned with the reputation of generosity and even this reputation may lead a prince to spend money he does not have, ultimately weakening his rule. The prince must care little for the reputation of being a miser, if he wishes to avoid robbing his subjects, if he wishes to be able to defend himself, to avoid becoming poor and contemptible, and not to be forced to become rapacious; this is niggardliness is one of those vices which enable him to reign. If he do the opposite ...

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