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Essay for the Shakespeare play “Macbeth” Free essay! Download now

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Essay for the Shakespeare play “Macbeth”

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Throughout the play Macbeth is mentally confused, challenged and brainwashed by the three witches and lady Macbeth who persuades and manipulates him to make treacherous acts of betrayal and disloyalty. He has a flaw, ambition, which makes him go from brave, loyal hero to murdering careless villain.


Character analysis of the three witches.
The way the witches talk is in a raspy, exhausted voice as if they struggle to produce each word as they talk, it is such a voice that it draws your attention in straight away in a shocked, interesting way. I think Shakespeare meant for it to sound a threatening, fearful voice.
The way they move is similar to the way they talk, as if they were crippled and tired. They walk slowly in a sly, deceitful manor.
They look like they are heavily injured and just come out of battle. They are meant to look spooky with their rough, strewn hair and scars over their pale rigid faces. With torn and baggy cloaks.

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