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English Assessment: The lost chapter Free essay! Download now

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English Assessment: The lost chapter

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English Assessment: The lost chapter


Two sharp bangs cut through the air. My heart pounded with fear as I sprinted into the courtyard but nothing could have prepared me for what lay before me. In one tragic moment my life had been turned upside down. A scarlet pool of liquid surrounded Mama. My knees stared to tremble and I felt myself begin to sob uncontrollably. Tears streamed down my cheek as I stumbled over to her. I collapsed to my knees and started to shake mama. I just wanted her to wake up. The scarlet flow started to slow down however It had already stained mamas pearl white nurse uniform. I could feel Papas presence behind me he seemed like a statue, motionless. My world had ended and i wanted this all to be and bad dream from witch i could awake. I felt papas hand on my shoulder as he scooped me up into his arms and carried me back into the house. He laid me on the sofa and closing the door behind himself. And then it hit me. The pain rushed through me and i curled up into a ball. Nothing would ever be the same again for any of us. The closest person to my heart was now gone. I heard the floor boards creak in the hallway and a gentle knock at the door. Uncle tunde enter the room. I didn’t want to talk. I didn’t even want to live. This was all too much for me. How would Femi react? I would have to look after him now. His mama was taken away from him. Mama was taken away from all of us. I wanted her back. I needed her back.
Uncle tunde led Femi and I into the car. He opened the door for us and we stumbled in I squeezed Femi’s hand tightly and kissed him on the forehead. “It’s going to be alright” I told him. I knew the next few days were going to be difficult for both of us and I needed to stay strong for my little brother.

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