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Early purges vs mid term break - Seamus Heaney Free essay! Download now

Home > GCSE > English literature > Early purges vs mid term break - Seamus Heaney

Early purges vs mid term break - Seamus Heaney

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Seamus Heaney


We have been studying poems about Heaney and his life but mainly his childhood. The two poems are called ‘Early Purges’ and ‘Midterm Break’. I have found that they are both written about his childhood. They are both written about the bad times in his early life. Heaney grew up in the country and went to his local primary school. He also went to St Columb’ college.

When he was twelve he won a scholarship to St Columb’ college, a Catholic boarding school situated in the city and Derry which was forty miles away from the home farm. Homesickness for his family and friends back home is the reason generally accepted for the misery which overshadowed his years at school. Heaney himself has described his years from nine to nineteen as the unhappiest of his life.

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