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Comparing “Porphyrias lover” and “The Sisters” Free essay! Download now

Home > GCSE > English literature > Comparing “Porphyrias lover” and “The Sisters”

Comparing “Porphyrias lover” and “The Sisters”

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Comparing “Porphyrias lover” and
“The Sisters”


The Two Sisters poem is about two sisters and an “Earl”. The “Earl” married one of these sisters and then got her pregnant, which cause his wife (one of the sisters) to die during childbirth. This leads to the other sister seeking revenge on the “Earl” in which she waited weeks for and then she killed him. After killing the “Earl” she showed his mother as she thought he looked much better dead. This was a poem about love and revenge.
Both of these poems are to do with the different classes they had when they were written, because higher classes couldn’t mix with the lower classes. For example someone in a higher couldn’t have a relationship with someone in the lower class as they would be looked down on and judged by others. If this was the case and they “loved” each other and wanted a relationship they would have to keep it a secret. This made life very different to what it is now.
Porphyrias lover was drove to kill porphyria by his love for her. This is because he thought she was going to leave him and he didn’t want to lose her or her love so he decided to kill her and keep both. Also they were both in different classes so there relationship was secret and no one knew they was seeing each other. The Two sisters is basically the same, the sisters love for the other sister drove her to killing the “Earl” as he got the sister pregnant which caused her to die. The sister was seeking revenge on the “Earl” so she killed him. She was also seeking revenge as he chose her twin sister over her first and she was incredibly jealous of this.

It’s easy to tell what these poems are about as soon as you start reading them, for example you can tell “Porphyrias Lover” is about love by the name. Another way you can tell that this poem is about love straight away is by some of the quotes they use for example “To set his struggling passion free”. This is telling us that he wants to let all his love out. Another quote which can show us that it is about love is “Murmuring how much she loved him” and this shows us that she was telling the man she loved him.
In “The sisters” you can tell it is about love when you start reading through it as you come across language and quotes which are being used; for example: “She was fairest in the face”. This shows us that one sister is prettier than the other and the earl has fallen in love with the one he thinks is prettier, this also shows us an opinion. Another quote shown to us is “They were together and then she fell” showing us that they were together as sisters and then one died and they split up.
Both poems used similar and different language devices. For example in “Porphyrias Lover” they use a good source of words and phrases to describe the setting so we get a clear picture of where it’s happening. These words and phrases include “Blaze up, and all the cottage warm”. This shows us that when Porphyria came into the cottage she lit it up where she is so pretty and she made it all warm. This is describing the atmosphere. Another descriptive quote used in this poem is “The rain set early in tonight”, this shows us that it is a raining and it is quite late. This is another descriptive quote which helps set the scene.

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